Cooking with gas


In honor of my friend Sharyanne, who told me to camp here, I made a dish she taught me about last week. She said this is something that all French grandmothers know how to make but don’t tell you about (read: those bitches!).
The one pot dish is a pork tenderloin with onions, apples and potatoes. Without any oil I seared the pork on each side for a couple of minutes then I added chopped onions plus the new potatoes and apples, which I cut to similar one inch triangles. You could use any apples, I preferred the least sweet I could find because the cooking will bring the sugar out. Sharyanne used a couple of cups of white wine. I did not have any but the woman at the beer store said she uses Rickets dark beer for her beer-can-chicken because there is maple syrup in the brew. Of course there is! I’m sure there is maple syrup in the lube sold in Canada. I used half of a tall boy can. Cover and simmer for about 20 minutes or until the potatoes are cooked yet firm. Salt and pepper the items throughout the cooking process.
All amounts are arbitrary, I bought the smallest loin possible because I’m one person and I’m just an itty bitty thing. Even so, I made way too much for dinner. It is 6 AM and I’m about to have pork, potatoes, apples and onions for breakfast.


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