Next leg of the road trip


This past week in New York I’ve been able to reflect on the first leg of my road trip and I now see where I can do things better.
I have spent way too much money, eaten too much junk and gained weight, I drank too much, and I have not gotten near enough exercise. So basically this road trip is just like my regular life.
This time around there will be more camping, less Holiday Inns, more mom and pop motels, more writing about my favorite roads, more cooking for myself and less buying food in gas stations. And I need to up my water consumption. No excuses now that I’ve mastered peeing while driving and peeing in my tent.
Most importantly, this time there will be way more dudes. Middle of America, lock up your husbands and sons ages 28 through 52!

3 thoughts on “Next leg of the road trip

  1. I’m mortified. No, not about that peeing while driving part… but the fact that you are turning south before visiting Minnesota. You’ve got nerve! Ok and a bit o’ guts… still working on the picture of camping! Travel well and safe, my friend!

    • Minnesota is on the way back up for leg three. So now that I know you want to see me, we will be going out on the town. You people from Minnesota just need to stop telling us about the mosquitoes the size of pterodactyls. It’s not good for tourism.

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