What’s a good New York wine?

I wanna go to Miami!

Okay, the actual old joke was, “What’s a good Jewish whine?” But New Yorkers, no matter their background or religion, are essentially Jewish at this point.


The good people of Red Hook Winery are trying to make New York wine happen. After our disappointing lunch we needed a pick me up. That’s when Taylor, pictured left, took over. She may have been born in the 90s but she knows her New York wine. They have 70 different New York wines under the Red Hook label. My favorites were the SK Level 1, a Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc blend, and the Rebirth from the Sea, a Cab and Merlot blend.
Poor Taylor was trying to educate us on each wine that we chose for our tasting but in my uncultured head I kept thinking, “Give me more wine, give me more wine!”

Unlike Kevin’s restaurant, the winery has food.

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