The cutest bartender


Australian Andy at Sharlene’s bar on Flatbush by 7th Avenue.
Last night he told me how Sharlene’s threw a Purim party. Purim is the holiday Jews celebrate by reading the whole Megillah, dress up in fun ancient Persian or silly costumes and use noisemakers. Essentially a holiday for children.
Andy was told to dress for a Jewish costume party. He must’ve heard a hyphen between the words Jewish and costume because he dressed as a Hasidic man, pictured but hard to see on the iPhone he is holding. Things were going fine for him as he walked the streets of Brooklyn, everyone wished him a happy Purim. Even though he’s not Jewish he does look very Kirk Douglas as Van Gogh and Kirk Douglas is Jewish. He really pulled it off. Until he got to the bar and saw how inappropriately costumed he was. He said he quickly went back to his apartment and put on a cop uniform. I’m going to go back tonight to find out why he owns a cop uniform. I have a theory of my own that I really like.

3 thoughts on “The cutest bartender

  1. If you think this guy is cute, you should meet my friend Mark who is a dead ringer for him (he is single at the moment, but unfortunately spending the summer in Berlin).

    • Thanks Lisa. That’s a big improvement from people who always want to introduce me to their hairdresser because he’s super funny and the only openly gay person they know.

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