You have to go to bars if you want to meet people


This is John who I met at the Porch Bar and Grill, where I had dinner last night. Best hot wings outside of Buffalo so far.
John is a real renaissance man. He’s trying to complete a masters degree in six months at Missouri University of science and technology in Rolla. At first I thought he was a bit of a nut job because he said he knew I was on a quest when he saw me but the more we talked the more I realized we agree on a lot of things. Anyone agreeing with me can’t be crazy.
He went to West Point so he knows from New York.
To the make the most of his allowance while he’s studying he’s living in his truck completely off the grid. I told him I thought that was really brave, living six months out of your car and I realized I’m doing the same thing. Then I stopped congratulating myself because I remembered I stay at a Holiday Inn three quarters of the time. And I haven’t fought in the army.

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