Let’s talk about the car @nissanusa #370z


It’s amazing. This 370z is the best long-haul driver I’ve ever owned, which surprises me because just look at it. Whether it’s one hour or five hours, I always feel fine. With my VW GTI’s, the Mini Cooper and Integra it always felt like I’d been through a boxing match after a long drive. I guess that’s what happens when you tighten up an economy car. The Z started out as what it is, a fast grand tourer.
As I consolidate and pack things better, which includes tying things down, I will test the limits of the car a little more.
Last night I was tooling around 70 mph, which is the limit, and I saw my turn. The brakes are not only beautiful, they are, but I went from 70 to 15mph in 1.5 seconds and the car remained solidly in control. It wanted it. It needs it. It growled a thank you coming out of the turn.
Try doing that in a Winnebago without sloshing your toilet.

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