Hillbilly brawl


Now this is what I wanted to see in West Virginia, this is my tax dollars at work. In the children’s park area of this national preserve there was a clan of kin folk getting into it and the po po came. Somebody spit at somebody then somebody hit somebody and two somebody’s seem to be pregnant and there’s little children around and somebody’s brother owes him rent for staying for three weeks, it was a mess.
I felt like running over there and trying to adopt the children but you know, with my small car and busy schedule, it doesn’t make much sense.

6 thoughts on “Hillbilly brawl

  1. You have lots of practice with the nephews and everything, so I know you would look after those little snaggle-toothed young, and ensure they matriculated in highly selective colleges, but why did that sound like a bad sitcom premise?

    • I think it has been two or three sitcom premises. The urban version where fresh Prince of Bel Air and different strokes and the hillbilly version light was silver spoons.

  2. This is the Ozarks. There is a reason why they are called “hillbillies” – if you are in SE MO – you should get the hell out of there. Head to the Lake of the Ozarks – just south of Jefferson City or a little east of their is Truman Lake and State Park. Trust me the people at the lake will be much more civilized than the hillbillies of SE MO. Save yourself and pack up now!

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