Faux’t cuisine


I’m not expecting a bag of dehydrated beef stroganoff to rival that of a dish at Café Pushkin in Moscow but these freeze-dried foods have an appeal and convenience so I’m testing them.

What’s nice about my campsite is that there is a large fast flowing creek about 30 feet away and it’s the perfect temperature to keep my beer cold.


8 thoughts on “Faux’t cuisine

  1. don’t forget to pee downstream from your bottles of beer. you wouldn’t want to accidentally foul your beer in a drunken stupor. hopefully the hillbillies and in jail by now.

    • I hope the people camping up stream don’t do the same thing. Fun fact: you leave your beers in the stream and slugs attach themselves to the bottle.

  2. slugs are good eating. ask the French. they eat ’em. I’ve seen ’em do it, man. they fuckin’ ’em like candy. better paired with a vintage champagne then beer but you’se gots what’s you’se gots.

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