My dehydrated lifestyle


Pictured is this morning’s breakfast. Scrambled eggs and bacon bits were very tasty. The beef stroganoff was very tasty last night. The only problem with these freeze-dried foods is the cooking directions. I think you need half the amount of water they recommend otherwise it’s way too drippy.
I completely recommend Folgers coffee singles because it’s NOT instant coffee and takes up no room. To do all this you do need lots of water (which you should have anyway) and a Coleman one burner stove, which is essentially a little propane tank with a burner on top of it.
While the freeze-dried food is fine it left me wanting, there was no excitement, no moment of wow this is amazing. Back to the supermarket.

4 thoughts on “My dehydrated lifestyle

    • I leave the tent set up all the time but all valuables go with me. I include my little propane tank, stove, beer and all that as valuables.

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