The best Indian food overlooking the St. Louis airport


First of all this is an old photo I pulled. I wish there was still a Howard Johnson’s. Then I would’ve had fried clams and coffee ice cream.
It’s now a Best Western and on the 11th floor is the India Palace. I was able to gorge on the buffet while watching planes take off and land.
This morning I stopped in a McDonald’s to buy coffee and use their free Wi-Fi. McDonald’s has the best free Wi-Fi. A young man with a heavy Indian accent was helping me. In my mind I reached across the counter, grabbed him by the collar, pulled him towards me and asked him, “Where can I get good Indian food in St. Louis?” In reality, I just asked him politely. He gave me the names of a few but one was more convenient for where I was headed and that’s the India Palace.
I didn’t try anything à la carte I just stuck to the buffet and it was on par with any Indian buffet in the New York City area. The saag paneer was really good but how could that ever be bad and the naan was not bad. All the staples were there and were extremely well prepared and tasty. The only oddity and something which I would never have again were the meatballs and aromatic sauce. A couple of things wrong with the meatballs. These were beef and I don’t think I’ve ever had beef in an Indian restaurant. Isn’t that a sin in India? And I’m sure these were beef meatballs from Trader Joe’s. I love Trader Joe’s more than most anyone but this use of a beef meatball was misplaced and misguided.

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