I lost my wallet


There I am playing Frisbee golf when I realize my wallet is not on me and I know I had it when I started playing. First off, “disc” golf is what would happen if basketball, frisbee and golf had a three-way and a baby resulted. It’s been raining for three days and I just had to do anything and disc golf fell under the umbrella of just anything.
So the wallet is definitely not on me, I retrace all my steps and ask the few people that are around to keep an eye out. I’m proud of myself because I just remained calm and did what I needed to do. I realized that without my wallet I was stranded. I had a gallon of gas left in my car and with no wallet I had no money, credit cards or drivers license. For a moment I thought about smashing my face around and going to the nearest Ramada Inn and saying, “My name is Tina Turner and I have 37 cents and I need a room. I’ll give you my ring.”
Luckily some young men playing around of beer disc golf found it and returned it to me. A little mud splattered but you can’t imagine how that changed my mood. They tried to refuse it but I gave them and a little reward. Must’ve been more than I thought because they offered me a case of beer.
From now on I will stash a little mad money in the car and throw my ATM card (it’s not a credit card) in the locked glovebox.

7 thoughts on “I lost my wallet

  1. As a traveler I always leave one form of ID and or credit card separate – here’s the downside: when visiting Hannover automation show who had a chance to drive an Alecto car? And whose crucial for that experience drivers license was nestled safely elsewhere? The girl who didn’t get to drive an electric car, that’s who. But best to have a plan B for money!

    • I did have other good ID in the car but no drivers license on the road trip would be the big problem. I’m going to look into the LifeLock you have.

  2. I am so glad that you found it. I lose my wallet and phone daily, so I know what a hassle it could be to replace everything. Make copies of your documents and do what Sarah said.

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