I thought the St. Louis arch was public art


When my friend Michael from Missouri told me to climb the arch for a great view I thought he was being funny. I really thought it was a solid sculpture. I scheduled my climb to the top for 3:30 PM today.

According to the Mormon missionaries I badgered for information, I will go up in a small pod like elevator to the top that keeps correcting itself to work the angle. When I asked one of the young missionaries how tall the arch is he said, “You know, there’s a museum under the arch and they could answer all your questions.”

2 thoughts on “I thought the St. Louis arch was public art

  1. Oh, I have lots of ideas for the Midwest. The Corn Palace, the biggest ball of yarn, the world’ largest ketchup bottle – 12 miles east of STL, Dorothy’s house in the Wizard of Oz! And Lambert’s Restaurant home of the famous thrown rolls.

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