H8erz gonna H8


I don’t think this guy’s house would be a good fit for me because I can’t go back to AOL dial up.

Besides this response, I’ve gotten a lot of legitimate offers for rooms in exchange for labor. Everything from someone who needs help fixing up an investment house to a woman with terminal cancer, who needs someone to mow the lawn, make small repairs around the house and someone to drive her to her medical appointments now that she can no longer drive. She told me she is not dying enough to have insurance pay for someone to do those things yet.

Back to the response in the photo above, that bitch better not be complaining about his high taxes in Missouri. Because I’m from Long Island and high taxes is how we do!

3 thoughts on “H8erz gonna H8

    • It was one example from a list of tasks I said I was willing to do exchange for room and board. I don’t like it. Unless you meant clamming, which I love to do.

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