Where is our museum?!


Two 370z owners trying to hide behind the bushes while they check out the competition at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
It’s a great display of Corvettes. Beautiful examples of every model and a nice integration of video and plaques with fun facts to keep me interested. Initially I just thought I would look at the pretty cars. But it’s well worth learning the racing, technology, and engineering history behind the Corvette. Did you know that the father of what would become the real performance Corvette and all Corvettes after the concept vehicle, Zora Arkus-Duntov, is of Russian Jewish heritage like me? So I kind of created the Corvette.

The Corvette that most reminds me of the 370z because it is so swoopy, all nose and no ass.


The Corvette I would want to own because of the amazing Steel Cities gray color with the white top and I think it is the most balanced with four-speed manual and 270 hp.


It’s interesting to watch the Corvette horsepower numbers go sharply down in the 70s, when the emissions regulations slowed cars down, and then creep back during the 90s. And now it seems there is no limit.
I think the new Corvette, which I saw at the New York auto show, is an amazing performance vehicle. However it is so god damned busy looking and for some reason whoever is doing Cadillac and Buick interiors is not sharing their best practices with their Chevy cousins. The interior is better but it’s still plastic and cheap looking.

Driving near and around this museum is bizarre. There are single Corvettes and gaggles of Corvettes driving all over the place. They make them here and many of them return to pay homage. You can order your Corvette at any Chevy dealership and arrange to pick it up at the museum for some extra special attention and markings on your car. Best of all, your first drive is a long road trip, as it should be. Kind of like what Volvo did a few years ago with the go to Sweden to pick up your car and then tour Europe package. But then the economy tanked and so did the dollar, which made going to the local Volvo dealership to buy your car more expensive than taking your family on the QE2 for a year.

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