Would it be wrong?


Nashville is all sorts of amazing. Good food (fried bologna sandwich at Roberts Western) and high quality live music every where you throw a rock. Best of all, cute struggling musicians.

So, would it be wrong to tell some of these young men I’m A&R for a record company, looking for new and fresh talent? I am not lying during half of that sentence.

7 thoughts on “Would it be wrong?

  1. Would it be wrong? Yes – should you do it anyway? yes – isn’t that what this trip is all about?? (I’m just writing this so you’ll know I really am reading your blog!) MIss you –

    • Thanks. That’s the answer I wanted. My friend Ed said my trip should not be about finding myself but about creating myself so don’t do anything wrong. I’ve already been created, and I think we know what Jeff would do.

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