My body is rejecting a healthy lifestyle

When I started it was my back. Last week it was my ankle. The past few days have been very high fever and sore throat.
This morning, I could not imagine getting out of bed let alone working out. Everything was one small step with a promise of nothing more. Get out of bed. Drink hot tea. Eat anything. Feed the dog. Walk the dog. Say something to the dog, he thinks you’re being strange. On and on…
When I got to the Daily Burn 365 studio after 86-noncommittal steps, I asked a make-up artist to, impossibly, make me look less sweaty and gross. I just watched the playback, I looked like a long-dead, beached, bloated Beluga whale. But a long-dead, beached, bloated Beluga whale who showed up!
Despite a low activity week and a Saturday-long wine tasting and food event, I dropped another 6 pounds, down to 217. I started at 228 pounds 17-days ago. That’s more weight than I should’ve lost and I will credit it to being curled up in a ball, shaking and only wanting tea with honey the past three days.
The world is a disgusting and dangerous place so I plan to keep on getting injured and sick. I just can’t let that be an excuse to stop moving and shove chicken parmesan heroes down my throat and up my ass. 

For not getting a lot of attemtion the past few days, Harry got a bone


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