Alcohol has affected me negatively in the following ways


It made me fat and broke. Quick conservative calculation, I was drinking 15 bottles of wine at home and about 30 glasses of something at bars, restaurants and friends’ places. Again, conservative, $500 and 17,000 calories a month on booze. That’s five pounds plus rent for a nice place in Tupelo, Mississippi. 

I’m not giving up drinking but my wine shop guy better start thinking about community college for his kids. 

Besides, I’m a fun drunk. At least that’s what everybody tells me I’m alway telling them. 

About that box of wine, it was part of overhauling my budget last month. Lots of volume for the buck and I thought, if it’s not not great, I won’t drink it quickly. I surprised myself when I took the first sip and said out loud to no one, “Ain’t nothin’ wrong with this box of wine.” 

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