One week down, 1,820 weeks to go


I’m one week into my weight loss journey with Daily Burn 365 after a one year weight gain all-inclusive vacation. I feel better, physically and mentally, than I have in a long time. In just five days, the muscle strains in my lower back have disappeared. I mean, talk to your doctor but…
You can watch me working out live at 9 AM this Tuesday and Thursday, without a Daily Burn 365 subscription. Good Morning America will live stream the daily morning workouts all week on their website.
The problem I have now is dealing with the end of last weekend’s grocery haul. Groceries and dating are very similar. Exciting when new but a few days into it, the thrill is gone. Fortunately, like the person you are dating, you can chop up produce and turn it into soup when you become bored with it.
I’m not going to give you a detailed recipe for what I just cooked, only baking needs to be specific.
Winter Snuggle Soup
Always have lots of garlic and onions in the house, they keep a long time and should go in everything you make. Add small amounts of sea salt with each step.
For most soups, I sauté five cloves of garlic and two medium onions in coconut or olive oil in a large pot. Once they are soft, I add about 6 cups of water and two chicken bouillon cubes (or diluted stock if I have it).
Then I look around my apartment to suss out what’s about to go bad or what I am simply not going to eat despite my original good intentions. Last night, I found two parsnips, two sweet potatoes and a big bunch of Swiss chard I’ve been studiously avoiding.
Once the liquid with the onions and garlic is boiling, add the chopped parsnips and sweet potatoes. I also tossed in two sprigs of Rosemary that might have been moldy but don’t be so precious. Cover and simmer on low for 20 minutes.
Once that’s done, take the pot off the heat and remove the sprigs of Rosemary. Only then do you add in the Swiss chard or whatever leafy greens you have kicking around. They wilt within seconds.
I have a Braun hand blender so you should too. I like to add a little Turkish style drinkable yogurt (ayran) to each serving because it’s salty and tart like me.
Serve it hot, serve it cold or freeze some for a snowy day. For nutritional information you’ll have to figure that out.

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