Should you eat before working out?

Yes, if there is free gravlax. The other day at the Daily Burn 365 studio, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. A tray filled with fresh herby salmon on crackers, full on with IKEA yellow sauce. That wasn’t the unbelievable part. The unbelievable part was no one else, cast or crew, was eating.

I’m on a budget and I don’t waste. I started shoving that fish so fast into my face while mumbling to anyone who looked at me, “It’s really good lean protein with omega 3’s and the crackers give me immediate energy for the cardio.”

During the work out, I prayed to a God I do not believe in that there should be salmon when we were finished. God exists.

As I licked the plate, I let passerbys know that fish is a great lean protein for muscle recovery and crackers are fantastic for the ass.

I should have read this first. Full on proteins, cream and bread are great pre-workout foods, two to three hours before. Not like what I did, chewing the last few bites five minutes into the warm-up.

Photo credit: wallyg via / CC BY-NC-ND

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