Werk Out

Hey friends. You fat? Nothing to do in the mornings and want to be in Long Island City two to three mornings a week? Then you should stop being fat and lazy. 

This morning I auditioned for an infomercial/web series for the Daily Burn Fitness Program. I’m kind of perfect because I’m just the sort of out-of-shape person who lives near the TV studio that they’re looking for. That said, I don’t have the gig yet and I might’ve blown it when I told them I prefer working out on my own and don’t like a regimented program (Hey self sabotage, how are you?). 

The casting agent and her team were very sweet and supportive and let me know they are still looking for people to audition. Consider this your invitation to apply. I get the feeling they would like a few more men to join.

There were two women waiting with me and I almost told them that they don’t need to join, they look fine. But, I’ve come to realize recently I never need to comment on how a woman looks. 

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