Only in New York, kids, only in New York

I unwittingly blocked a driveway with my car the other day and it was towed. Mistake, my fault. After vomiting because I thought the car was stolen, and several calls to 311 and the police, I found out the car was towed by Spanky’s Asset Recovery.
Spanky told me to come on down with $140 and he will gladly reunite me with my asset.
When I got to his office, he was finishing a call. “You fucking tell my pregnant wife to go to a store? It’s your fucking fault you can’t find the account! You’re not doing me a favor, I’m doing you a favor! You pay me $11 an hour to do you a fucking favor!” Click.
Then he hands me a receipt for my car and his business card. “Ninety percent of my illegally parked clients become my regular clients. One day you might need me to help you get out of a tough situation.”




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