New Yorkers are getting good at surviving subway falls

New York City, you adapt or you die. Before I left on my trip, there was an uptick in people either falling or being pushed onto the subway tracks. Most of them were killed.
The tide has turned.
In the past two days, two men, and a seeing-eye dog, survived the fall and the oncoming trains by laying low in the space between the tracks. Yes, one of them and was blind. His seeing-eye dog did try to stop him from getting too close to the tracks, to no avail. The black lab actually jumped in to help his master.
The bizarre part of all this is that New Yorkers have incorporated the knowledge of how to survive a subway fall into their everyday lives. It’s not strange. Of course you roll into the space between the rails. Then you go to work.

Photo credit: QXZ / / CC BY-NC-SA

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