It’s really over

And Connecticut makes 48.
Over seven months and more than 27 thousand miles. Nearly 60 tanks of gas. Eight oil changes. Two new rear tires. Windshield wiper blades. Still need a new windshield due to a piece of rogue gravel.
No accidents! No speeding tickets! No mechanical trouble!
The clothes I’ve been traveling with look pretty beat and the inside of the car could use a freshening. There might be cream cheese in the hand brake and there is definitely sun screen ground into everything.
My friend Lisa, by being one of Steintrek’s funniest commenters, won the privilege of feeding and housing me last night. Connecticut is so twee. I always feel like the town police will pull me over and say that I don’t belong there then send me back to the ghetto.
Her 11 year old son, Aaron, likes to bake and I ate his chocolate cake for breakfast. Now I’m wondering what was written on the cake. No filler? Happy birthday filler? Congratulations filler?
The lower 48 state trek is over but I like blogging so I’ll continue. A sure sign of self importance.
Get ready to hear a lot about finding a job or a sugar daddy. And I will wrap up my thoughts on the trip. Including some “best of” lists and “which state wore it better” feature.
Because it’s Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for all of you who followed my trip. It gave me energy and purpose knowing that some people were interested. Even if you hate-read my blog.


4 thoughts on “It’s really over

  1. So relieved that you’ll continue blogging, Jeff. It was always a treat, often several times a day, to check my mail and see you had a new entry, a guarantee that there was an entertaining, insightful, and witty diversion for me to enjoy. Welcome home. Err, to Connecticut. That ain’t no home for you.

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