Introducing Harry Stein

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Harry Stein.
One thing I decided while on my road trip is to stop putting things off that are not completely practical. Harry is my not practical thing.
A puggle (pug/beagle mix), Harry is anywhere from one to three years old and came to North Shore Animal League via a kill shelter in North Carolina. The rest of his past is kind of sketchy.
Besides being extremely handsome, he is super sweet, never barks and loves riding (sleeping) in the car. I got lucky.
North Shore does a serious background check and called a few of my friends as references. They left an apparently garbled message for my friend Sharyanne. She called me all excited to see if I was really adopting a baby.
Until I move back into my apartment, Harry and I are staying with my mom on Long Island. My mother, a huge animal lover, asked me, “You know what I’m worried about with Harry staying here for a few days?”
“That you’ll fall in love with him and miss him?”
“No, I’m worried he’ll shit on my carpet.”





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