How to support Running Man Jeremy Schaefer


Click here to go to Jeremy’s crowd funding page.

The other day I wrote about meeting Jeremy Schaeffer, who is running cross country to raise awareness for mental illness. Being a man, he can’t be bothered with organization and thinks things will just work out by themselves. I get that. Planning really kills the buzz of an adventure.
Jeremy’s friends must’ve passed the link to my story around because the post had thousands of hits. And a lot of people sent me emails asking where to donate.
Jeremy’s ex-wife Brianna, who he has a son with, reached out to say she’s helping him through crowd funding. Brianna tells me Jeremy is a great guy and a hell of a lot of fun but they’re very happily divorced. Of course. She should’ve known, you never marry the fun ones.
I wouldn’t tell anyone to donate unless I did a little research and donated myself, so I threw $25 his way. First!
Jeremy thinks taking the Southern route will keep him warm in the winter but we were both sleeping in Georgia last night, me indoors and him I am not sure, and it was in the 30s. Let’s get him off the side of the road and into motels.

Click here to go to Jeremy’s crowd funding page.

4 thoughts on “How to support Running Man Jeremy Schaefer

  1. I can vouch for Jeremy and his toughness. He’s been on a 5 day charity bike ride several times with us and he’s usually the one sleeping under a tree or table or something/one. Still, I wonder if he knows that it gets cold in the south in winter. Ice and snow and cold can happen. Then when he gets out west, there are mountains and deserts to cross.

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