Conversations with a deer head


Eating fried chicken at Maebob’s Diner in Irwington, Georgia, I came face-to-face with an unlucky dear. I had questions for him.

“What’s fresh today?”

“Can you really not see camouflage?”

“Would it kill you to look before you go into the road?”

“Did you ever consider wearing blaze orange? I mean, I’m guessing not.”

“Did they make you watch while they ate you? I bet you were delicious.”


2 thoughts on “Conversations with a deer head

  1. After taking with the deer you could not order and eat the deer from the menu. So, you decided to have fried chicken instead. . . . Or is that a chicken fried venison steak? Nope. . . one piece is a leg . . . . unless you ate Bambi’s baby sister or brother. 😉 Looking forward to your return to NY?

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