The Ybor Detox

I had never been to Tampa before so when I gambled for a room through Hotwire and received the news I would be staying in Ybor City, I had to do a little research.
Originally developed as a cigar factory town in the 1880’s, Ybor became a Cuban, Spanish and Italian enclave. Imagine the food and the men!
All those cigar rolling immigrants are well gone now and have been replaced by gays and artists. That means there are lots of bars. Something strange happened to me as I explored the area yesterday. I was repulsed by the thought of drinking alcohol.
Not one to miss an opportunity, I’m taking advantage of my body’s rejecting alcohol and will go on a three day juice cleanse. That should help me get rid of the New Orleans bloat.
Plus, whenever I write about dieting or detoxing, the blog gets 20 times more hits. That’s what people want. I can write a blog post on how I lost 6 ounces by licking a baby squirrels butt hole and I will increase traffic and get dozens of comments, readers asking where they can find baby squirrels. One of my most popular posts was the Portland detox.
It’s only been one day so I haven’t reached the super grumpy and stupid phase yet. I’m in the denial phase. I was just drinking the Baby Yoda juice from Xtreme Juice in Tampa, which consists mainly of kale and spinach. Drinking it I thought, this would be so much better heated up and with a dollop of sour cream.

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