When I like a restaurant, I really like it. Frank is not just my favorite place in Austin, it’s one of my favorite places. I’ve been there three times in the past 24 hours. When you travel and eat alone, you notice when people are genuinely nice and enjoy working at a restaurant.
The first time I was there, I had the Southern Boy hotdog. Delicious onions and barbecue sauce on one of the best wieners I’ve ever put in my mouth (shut up!). Last night, I had the Southern Belle hotdog. Even spicier than the Southern Boy, it came with fried green tomatoes. I had a bad experience with those a couple of days ago but Frank was able to redeem the dish. I was not talented enough to get both the wiener and the tomatoes in my mouth at the same time (shut up!). It allowed me to enjoy the tomatoes as a side with the spicy remoulade. Delicious juicy flavor exploding all over my mouth (shut up!).

I was sitting next to Frank’s owner, Geoff, and his beautiful girlfriend Kris. They were performing the selfless task of trying new cocktails. They asked me to try a hot toddy that was enriched with bacon fat. As much as I like hot toddy and bacon fat, this was a no go. Just a reminder to everyone, bacon doesn’t go with everything.
Kris talked up their breakfast so I went this morning. I had crispy pork belly with cheese and a runny egg on one of the lightest and airiest biscuits. So fucking good. And they are serious coffee snobs so you got a nice cup of Joe. For just over $7, you get one of the highest quality most delicious sandwiches with a great cup of coffee, one of the better bargains in town. I finished my sandwich at 10 AM, it’s now approaching 6 PM, and I haven’t wanted to eat since then.

One would think all I do is eat and hop from bar to bar. One would not be far-off but I do try to sprinkle some culture onto my pork. I did tour the University of Texas campus and the State Capital building. Not to mention sitting in an IMAX theater so I could learn the history of Texas through osmosis. Remember the Alamo, etc.


I’ve also been able to continue my important photographic series, “Jogging behind guys with nice round badonkadonks.”




3 thoughts on “Porktastic!

  1. Yeah! Fried green tomatoes have been redeemed. Stay away from Starbucks. Word on the street – gun lovers really love hanging out at their.

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