Austin needs to be so good it hurts

Because so many people have told me I HAVE to go to Austin because it’s so COOL and the best place on EARTH.
So far so good. Been here a few hours and found a great happy hour at Parkside on 6th street. Half priced bar food and drinks including oysters. They were fresh and sweet, even the weird off-putting five inch Malpeque. I slid that mother down in one long piece.
I’ve never had fried green tomatoes before and now that I had them, I know I have not missed much.
The “farm egg” was yummy. Tiny potatoes, covered with Parmesan, frisée with ultra green olive oil, surround a poached egg.
I’m excited about hitting the town. There really is a powerfully fun vibe and energy. Plus, there are so many good looking people I know I will have a good time. Good looking people are better.


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