The best cars to come out in


Today is National Coming Out Day so I’m going to add my two gay pink cents. First off, coming out sucks. I haven’t done it for nearly 20 years and I will never do it again. I hope the need for coming out becomes extinct.
I’ve only come out to three people in cars so I don’t have a whole big laundry list to recommend.
First is the Mazda Miata. I went down to Atlanta see my best friend Heath and tell him the good news at 70 mph. Unbeknownst to me, his wife, fiancée at the time, and he had been discussing where I most likely put my penis. I don’t think he was surprised but he was a little upset that he told his fiancée I was not gay and she was right.
And if you ever want to be sure that your friend will not have a butch anti-gay reaction, you can feel safe if he is driving his red Miata.
The Nissan 240SX. They don’t make them anymore but I wouldn’t recommend it anyway. My sister eventually came around but when I originally told her, as she drove, she was so surprised that I thought she was going to pass out. That was the first time I had to rethink my strategy of coming out to people while they drive.
Lesson learned, the next car I came out in was my own, a 1993 Acura Integra RS. I was out to dinner with my friend Elliot in the town of Huntington, at The Artful Dodger. He didn’t have the best reaction, another one who was shocked, but I didn’t mind as much because I was driving. If he didn’t like me being gay, he could take a taxi. He came around. 15 years later.
I actually bought a book about coming out. The recommendation was to tell your siblings and friends first because they are from a younger and more accepting generation. My sibling and my friends were all shocked and it became about them, how they could not have known. When I told my parents, they just said, yup, we figured, thanks for telling us yourself.
So come out, come out wherever you are. Life is so much better and less exhausting than keeping up with lies and hiding who you are. And people who have no issues with homosexuality and have gay friends are so much cooler. That’s why all of my friends are the best, I weeded out all the dicks and bigots.

Photo credit: davedehetre / Foter / CC BY-NC

One thought on “The best cars to come out in

  1. Sibling here…I actually remember that drive. Don’t recall wanting or feeling as if I were going to pass out, but if I did give that impression, it was not because you came out. It was simply the fact that you are my younger brother…not something a sister thinks of. I know I’ve told you, and will again…what makes you happy and complete is all that matters…I love you the way you are.

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