I lost a day of my life

Worse than being out of physical shape is being out of drinking shape. For this leg of the trip I decided to cut the booze in half to smooth my re-entry into regular life and so I can button my jeans. That plan bit me in the butt.
The gayborhood in Dallas really hops on a Tuesday night. After my failed attempt at dance lessons I did a gay pub crawl. Everyone was so nice and even bought me shots of tequila. Lots of them.
I don’t/can’t drink Tequila. Vestigial damage from a spring break in Mazatlán, Mexico. I drank an entire bottle by myself. That caused me to pass out in the sun and get a really nasty burn. Thank goodness I was in Mexico, where you can get all-over-body lidocaine spray.
Yesterday, after a night of Tequila shots, I woke up with the FBAS (full body alcohol sweats). Knowing I was powerless, I planned a day of passive recovery: Sit in steam room and drink a gallon if water; Haircut; Eat all my vitamins, twice, and; Eat spicy health food.
Lunch was at Be Raw Food & Juice north of Dallas. The red chile linguine, made with thin noodle shaped zucchini, was so damn fiery hot it scared my hangover away.
Today I’m enjoying that day after hangover good feeling. Yeah, you know the one.


Photo credit: Drunken Monkey / Foter / CC BY-NC

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