Oooooh-klahoma, where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain

And where some damn street sign keeps yelling at me to wait. The robots have taken over and they have an attitude about it. (Click here for my short sure to be Oscar nominated video)
Ever since my jaywalking ticket in Salt Lake City, I’m a lot more careful. These smaller cities don’t have a lot of revenue or people who walk so when they see me mincing about, their eyes fill with dollar signs.
My plan was to be in Dallas by now but I stayed one more day in Oklahoma City. I’m not saying it’s the cowboy boots but as soon as I put them on, I landed a tall gorgeous young Marine with salt-and-pepper hair and ice blue eyes.
Over dinner last night, he told me he’s not looking for a relationship or any entanglements. To which I had to respond, “Aye, why you talking and giving me all this personal information? I’m not writing your biography.”

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