Cowboy is a state of mind

Hey John Wayne, is that a rifle in you hand or do you have a weird penis that looks like a rifle and you’re happy to see me?
I was sent by my friend Adam to the National Western & Cowboy Heritage Museum. My mission was to find inspiration for boot shopping. Nothing in the boot department really stood out but I’ve definitely found a good going out outfit. Angora spotted chaps with a pink striped top.

The reason I listen to my friend Adam on matters cowboy is because he has a really big belt buckle and cowboy boots. When I challenged his expertise today and suggested he doesn’t know everything Western because he’s a lefty Yankee from New Hampshire, he set me straight. “It’s often overlooked or forgotten but “The West” as an idea or identity is fundamentally about freedom, about the search of self in a wild land, and embracing who you are in order to survive. Without integrity your world is easily corruptible,” he wrote from a drug den I assume.
When I told Adam I was worried about looking like a drugstore cowboy or an urban cowboy or a midnight cowboy, he said, “Well… You get use to it. I’ve learned to embrace the pretend cowboy inside me. Which reminds me, there are parts of Texas were they call pretend cowboys “goat ropers.” If you hear it, just know it’s not a gay slur.”
This goat roper finally got a pair of shit kickers!


2 thoughts on “Cowboy is a state of mind

  1. I’ve often wondered what kind of footwear ‘shitkickers’ were after reading multiple mentions of them in Stephen King novels. Any definitions?

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