We are not alone

Highway 60 between Arizona and New Mexico is a spectacular drive. It takes you through both Sitgreaves and Gila National Forests, as well as Salt River Canyon.
Many of my readers (one person) asked for more stories involving my peeing adventures. So here’s a good one.
Highway 60 is a secondary road at best. It’s a one lane highway in the middle of the desert with no lights. When the sun is down, the only things you can see are within your headlight beams. A little into New Mexico, I was receiving the call of nature and not the usual one to go to a gay bar.
While draining the snake, I was mesmerized by the beautiful desert sky and the brightness of Venus so I took the above picture. Then, I didn’t really hear anything, but I felt a humming and maybe a few clicks. I turned around and as my eyes adjusted, I realized I was in an enormous field of mega satellite dishes.

I’ve seen this before. The movies 2010: A Space Odyssey and Contact.
If that wasn’t creepy enough to get me quickly into the car, this satellite array was also in Transformers and on the cover of a Night Ranger album. Night Ranger! Get me the fuck out of here.





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