Good thing I do pay for health insurance…

…seeing how I eat and how I go on stupid hikes by myself (with no federal government employees/park rangers to save my ass).
Generic Lipitor is only $5.00 with my copay so I took myself to Ncounter for breakfast this morning. This is my third time here and is hands down my favorite breakfast place in the desert.
Last November, in Tempe, AZ, my friend Heath competed in his first Ironman Triathlon. His wife Tracey and I were his support crew. I don’t know if Heath thought we sat in the same spot for 13 hours waiting for his latest lap pass but no. We used our junior high school math and an app to figure out how long it would be until he would pass again. Then we’d plan accordingly: Go for a snack, climb a hill, yogurt sundae building, take a nap, etc. Then we’d plop ourselves back in our old spot and cheer him on. Actually, we screamed “Go Heath” at everybody because at 20mph and with helmets and glasses, everyone looks alike.
Point is, Tracey and I cooled our heels at Ncounter and that’s when I fell in love with the place. Everyone who works here is young and hyper-good looking. I don’t care If they have discriminatory hiring practices. I’m eating, no uglies please.


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