Doing my part


Photo credit: Thibaut §-) / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

When I heard about the UN climate change report today and how humans are most likely responsible for global warming, I knew I had to do something. I went to test drive a hybrid.
Because I find it much more fun to drive a manual transmission, my only choice is the Honda CR Z (below in Autumn colors).

20130927-161105.jpgPhoto credit: BASF – The Chemical Company / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Besides being fantastic cars and much more performance oriented than their Toyota or Nissan counterparts, I have a special place in my heart Hondas. For two summers during college I had the best job, I was a car jockey at PS Honda in Manhasset on Long Island.
If someone in Connecticut needed a bright yellow Honda CRX Si and we had it, I would drive it there and swap it for a, say, teal Honda Accord Coupe LX- i. My main job was parking and retrieving the cars that were in for service. And back in my day, we didn’t have backup cameras! We also hit lots of things.
So I was a bit disappointed with driving the heir apparent to the CRX, the hybrid CR Z. I’m okay with it being super small but it’s not even fast. And it doesn’t have the most amazing mileage for a hybrid. Or even for a gasoline powered car the same size. About 30 years ago, Honda made a CRX HF, which had a regular gasoline powered engine and got nearly 45 miles to the gallon. We move backwards.
While there, I tried out the Honda Accord four-door “Sport”. The sport is essentially the mid level LX trim but with some suspension stiffening and larger tires. The only engine that comes with a manual in the Accord is the 189 hp four-cylinder. Very smooth and reliable but you won’t light the tires up. Decent gas mileage: 24 city/34 highway.
The reason I wanted to drive the Accord is that I really love the 2014 redesign. Very sleek, very minimalist and finally back to classic Honda.
The clutch has been made to have no resistance so I almost slammed my left foot through the floor when I started the car. The ride was surprisingly firm yet there was no feedback in the steering wheel. It’s a weird combination and disconnect. Less comfort AND less fun.
So I tried but I will keep my gas guzzler until I find something just as fun.

Photo credit: stevelyon / Foter / CC BY-SA

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