The look of Mormon

The Mormon religion had a reputation for being anti-gay, anti-woman and prejudiced against people of color. I’m sure there is truth to this like with most Judeo-Christian religions.
Bigoted or not, Mormons look fabulous. Not boozing it up, smoking or drinking coffee or soda does a body good. When I was in St. George, in Southern Utah, the hot spots for dates and blowing off steam after work were yogurt shops.
And the State has so many wonderful outdoor resources that the people are super sporty. Lots of skiing, hiking, biking, rafting, etc.
Unfortunately, the abundance of hot fit guys does not translate into available gay men. There is a small gay community here and I’m sure thousands of closeted gays in black suits and white shirts (the men here dress like IBM executives in the 1960s) but Salt Lake City will not soon displace Provincetown or San Francisco as gay destinations.
After spending time here, I will tell anyone who wants to visit a city with plenty of outdoor activities, a fun downtown, cute guys and good food, to go to Denver.




4 thoughts on “The look of Mormon

    • I know, that’s why I had to add it’s probably true with most Judeo-Christian religions. Once I started to question why I believe Mormonism is bigoted, a could not find any difference between it and other religions.
      David better not leave you for a slutty Torah!

  1. I used to work with a bunch of Mormons, and when one of them finally came out (after not one but two nervous breakdowns denying his sexuality) they ostracised him overnight.

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