Thank god my dad was cheap

The temp by Jenny Lake in Teton park dropped into the 20’s last night but it felt like my childhood. My depression era dad thought heat was something for the likes of the Rockefellers and Vanderbilts. If I did not see the Snake River through the frost this morning I would have sworn it was Syosset in the early 1970’s.
When I was four years old my parents threw an electric blanket my way. Only problem was I hadn’t quite finished with bed wetting yet. I’m sure they loved me, right?




3 thoughts on “Thank god my dad was cheap

  1. You can also go rafting down the snake river. BTW – did you know that the snake river is the only river in North America that flows north.

  2. Glad to have met you on your trek. Ann and I camped next to you on our 25th anniversary! Good luck to you and your future travels.

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