On the road again

I don’t mind driving through heavy rain but something about the pitch black fluffy clouds I saw gave me chills. Flying monkey type chills. There’s no real way around this mess so I’ll ride it out in a bowling alley near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
I left my mother’s house on Long Island around lunchtime today and my eventual target is South Dakota. Then Wyoming.
I realized my planning error by not visiting these two States earlier. In the Poconos last week, I froze my nuts off at night. One can only imagine how cold the nights are around the Grand Tetons and the Black Hills.
I don’t really think the characters in Brokeback Mountain were gay, they were simply cold and keeping warm. I understand that is what I will need to do to survive in Wyoming. I’m ready.

2 thoughts on “On the road again

  1. I find it very appropriate that you would be sitting in a bowling alley right about now since that’s where we are all headed tonight! 😉

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