I’m living the golden life

During the holiday I’m staying with my mom at her golden age co-op complex in Woodbury on Long Island.
Activities I partake in include getting the mail, looking out the window and wondering where the hell is “she” going, familiarizing myself with who’s dying of what, and counting Buicks, Toyota Camrys, Toyota Avalons and Chevy Impalas in the vision impaired parking lot.
I’ll try to get back on the road before I get too comfortable and decide to stay. Retirement is nice. There’s bingo and cards a few times a week in the club house. The girls like to go to lunch at the diner or Friendly’s nearly everyday, where we can split turkey wraps with dressing on the side (or fried clam rolls for those who don’t give a shit anymore) and box up leftovers, which become our next meal. Most of them have already killed off outlived a husband so why cook for just one?

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One thought on “I’m living the golden life

  1. I laughed out loud several times at this one. I think retirement living suits you, Jeff. It feeds your sense of humor at the very least.

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