California dreaming

Yesterday I got to hang out with my former boss lady and colleague. While working with them was a pleasure, drinking with them in the sunshine is much much more satisfying.
My new favorite game in Southern California is spot and describe the cosmetic procedure. Just saying someone has had plastic surgery is too easy. You must guess the actual procedure or injectable. Where we met, the Stonehaus, was right for playing the game. In all serious, it’s a great place to hang outside in one of the prettiest spots for hours if you happen to be in the Westlake Village area. Free refills of coffee and tea, deliscious reasonably priced snacks, the staff encourages you to stay and relax, and free powerfull Wi-Fi.
The women in the picture below were amazing. When I saw them from afar I assumed they were beautiful women in their 20s. Fashionable clothes and banging bodies. Fooled me! Up close I got to see their necks, hands, backs, and eyes. Is there a procedure that can remove 50 years of experience from the look in someone’s eyes?


2 thoughts on “California dreaming

  1. Not a procedure but I’m sure that glass of wine is helping to remove the experience for their brains temporarily! lol…

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