The real Yosemite

I guessed Yosemite would be crowded when I got behind this monstrosity with a bike shop hanging off the back. I shouldn’t complain about this Chevy Suburban owner though. Most people entering the park were driving Winnebagos, which were towing Chevy Suburbans, which had bike shops on the back of them. It’s America’s gasoline powered version of Russian Matryoshka/nesting dolls.
As soon as I left Yosemite, I saw an article in the New York Times about plans to curb the number of visitors to the park. I don’t know what the solution is but it’s true, it’s very crowded and I could see how all the human activity is having an impact on the land. There’s no need for trail markers as all the paths are so well worn. My only suggestion is that the park service severely limits the number of RVs/camping trailers. I say this because I don’t have an RV or a camping trailer. The drone of power generators from these gypsy homes is fucking obnoxious.

On an almost related note, let’s talk Yosemite fashion. I try not to be negative and make fun of people but I is what I is!
There is a a privately owned grill in the park near the Ten Lakes trailheads. Private businesses such as this are said to be what makes the park too attractive and too crowded.
While waiting to buy lunch, a vision in fuchsia appeared (pictured below). Nothing elongates the leg more then acid washed booty hugging jorts and a thick chunky white sneaker. What fascinated me more than her modern style was her attacking her ice cream cone while she waited for her burger and fries to be ready. For a full five minutes she went to town on that ice cream cone, seemingly forgetting where she was. I get it. I put my penis inside my cheeseburger when it was ready but I took that shit outside and behind a tree. There were children around.


2 thoughts on “The real Yosemite

  1. I guess if you are into cellulite and legs that look like they have cottage cheese on the inside, you might find this attractive.

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