This makes me seem like a selfish ass

I met an Australian man who used to work as a senior researcher at an international fragrance and flavor company. He did not want to fire junior researchers due to budget cuts so he quit and told the company they can now afford to keep the junior researchers. Now he volunteers most of his time to an organization that provides pony rides for disabled children. He asked me what I will do for work when my trip is done. I told him something like what he does but maybe not with ponies or disabled children.
Meanwhile, somewhere else in the United States, another dude is visiting all 50 states. But his shtick is to give a pizza server in every state a $500 tip. His brother, who died young, requested he do this one time. Now he has raised sixty fucking thousand dollars.
A lot of people outside of New York must be tight because I leave 20% tips and most servers react like it’s $500. Click here to read more about pizza tip guy (Warning, the link opens the NY Daily News).

Photo credit: Deep Frozen Shutterbug / Foter / CC BY-NC

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