This is going to take a while

I’m in Sonoma County and I’ve never seen such a blessed abundance of vineyards with tasting rooms. And the deals! Buy a bottle of wine and they’ll wave the $15 tasting fee. The bottles are all $15 more than they should be so I feel like I’m getting screwed a little less.
I took pictures at Landmark Vineyards so I can remember where I left my car. I’m just stumbling on route 12 from vineyard to vineyard. I’m not stopping until I find Falcon Crest.



3 thoughts on “This is going to take a while

  1. I went there too! I served Landmark Chard at my wedding, so I had to go. Weren’t their reds incredible? And isn’t that garden what you picture heaven to look like?

    • I loved the Pinot Noir. The Grenache blend they had was nice but I needed some steak to go with it. I had a number of the Chardonnays so I can imagine what your wedding was like. The garden was lovely and because the temperature went down from 105 yesterday to mid 80s today, I enjoyed it.

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