Driving 101

It’s difficult to drive down highway 101 on Oregon’s coast because you want to stop every few hundred yards, take pictures and frolic in the ocean. Frolicking in the ocean lost its appeal when I touched the water this morning. That shit is cold and rough. Even though it’s sunny, the winds are gusting up to 60 mph and I don’t think it’s been over 58 degrees Fahrenheit outside all day.
It’s 5 PM where I am now in California so I’m going to clock out for the weekend. I will try to find a campsite in the Del Norte Redwood State Park and those big trees seem to block phone service. There are so many trees, they should just replace a few with cell phone towers.




5 thoughts on “Driving 101

  1. Homesick, homesick. Oregon home state raised and reared there. Lived from Alaska to North Hollywood and many fond events between. Been following your journey daily. Now I hang out out Black Bear Camp in Alabama. Take care and continue with a marvelous and safe journey.

    • It’s 102 degrees in Sonoma California. Some English tourists toldme they are too hot to go wine tasting. You know it’s serious when the English refuse to go boozing.

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