America works much better as a drive through

After four days and hiking nearly 30 miles and climbing an elevation of almost 1 mile, I saw some fancy looking duck and Walt Disney’s wet dream of woodland creatures. But none of the things with claws that the rangers kept warning me about.
When I drove 50 feet past the park entrance, that’s when I saw a baby grizzly bear. I’ve said it before, don’t get out of the car.
I know enough not to get out of the car because a baby means mama is nearby. The temptation is to go out and pet it. It’s just a cute wittle itty baby.
Speaking of cute and why not to feed the animals, a mother at one of the camp sites had a cautionary tale. Her daughter was sneaking food to the chipmunks. All the animals, including squirrels and bunnies at the park, are bold and come right up to you. They’ve been spoiled. When her daughter ran out of food, the chipmunks did not go away. They became angry that she was out of food and attacked her. The mother said she thought her daughter was being eaten by a bear or mountain lion by the way she was screaming.




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