North Dakota has a tourism problem


I think they have a population problem as well. The 19th largest state with the third smallest population. Although that seems to be changing as the oil boom here continues. Plenty of jobs, low crime rate and very nice people. They need to reach out and let people know what this State has to offer.
Years ago an acquaintance was offered a teaching position in Minot, ND (pronounced ‘my-not’). She did look for reasons to love Minot but could find nothing concrete. Eventually she came up with the tourism slogan, “Why not Minot?”
It’s really hard to compete with South Dakota. They have the great motorcycle gathering at Sturgis every year, the Black Hills, the Badlands and Mount Rushmore.
Obviously there is plenty of beauty, nature and history in North Dakota but I did find one thing last night they could hang their hat on. I stopped by the Spirit Lake Casino and my blackjack dealer’s name badge showed that she has an Anglo first name but her last name is “Bad Yellow Hair.”
Because I could not let that go, I told her in my people’s tongue, Algonquin, her name translates to “The Long Island Medium.” I lost pretty quickly after that.

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