They’re trying to separate us


I’ve had the most wonderful day. I woke up to beautiful clear and cool sunshine in Ann Arbor. No hangover, a lovely workout and a gorgeous bowel movement.
The drive was a 1970s dream. Rolling down the highway with my arm hanging out the window, lovely farms on both sides while Bob Seger played on the radio. A lot. Is he from Michigan?
For the next few days I’ll be in Saugatuck, on Lake Michigan. Specifically I’m at a gay campsite. It’s a good thing I brought my gay tent.
The only downside is I’m not allowed to park my car at my campsite. This bothers me. Not because I care so much about the security of my car. In New York I left it for two weeks on the streets of Brooklyn with everything in it. It’s my holder of everything. I usually back the thing up practically into my tent so in the morning I could reach out of my sleeping bag and into the hatch and make a sandwich and coffee.

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