Lunch took a sexy turn

Not the sulfur crested cockatoo that was trying to mate with me/eat my carnitas/kill me.
When the Automobile Magazine editors and I entered the restaurant parking lot their Spidey senses went off. They spotted a red BMW 3 series with New Jersey license plates. They knew other automotive press were around.
The Road & Track dudes were in the taco joint. Best of all, one of them was Jason Camissa, one of my top three automotive journalist crushes. To quickly let Jason know I am a dangerous stalker, I told him I used to have a similar car as his first car.
After pretending to not be creeped out, he told me he already drove the Scirocco R press car I was driving to lunch – Jason is the go to Scirocco guy.
My ass was sitting in the same seat that held Jason’s ass. In some States, that means we are married now.

Photo credit: dicktay2000 / / CC BY

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