Michigan, I can’t quit you!

Yesterday I kvetched about the need to speed things up. And I’ve been banging on for a while about how I can’t wait to get to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. But I just can’t miss Saugatuck, Michigan. I’ve never been there but I hear it is a gay beach paradise. The Provincetown of Lake Michigan’s Eastern shore.
It’s only right that I spend a proper amount of time in this State. Without Michigan and its people, there might not have been an auto industry as we know it and I would not be on a road trip. I would be hiking the Appalachian Trail and posting every night about foot blisters. And for my mid-life crisis, instead of a sports car, I would’ve had to get an arm sleeve of tattoos, an earring and a bad toupee. Thank you, Michigan.

Photo credit: rkramer62 / Foter.com / CC BY

One thought on “Michigan, I can’t quit you!

  1. Mid-life crisis . . . . Hell I needed more than 6 months and a road trip across the US . . . but then again that’s another story. Be well and safe travels to you my friend!

    PS: I’m going to be the Missouri over the 4th of July. Maybe our paths will cross.

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